Jewelry Care

Due to the handmade nature of our production method, each product may vary slightly. Products are hand finished, and therefore delicate in nature. Treat it with care, and you will extend its longevity. In general, we recommend you not swim, bathe, or shower in your jewelry and avoid unnecessary exposure to heat and moisture where possible. If your jewelry is made up of mixed metal pieces, be sure to care for each component as detailed below.

The following are tips for caring for your Lowcountry Design Studio jewelry:


Exposure to sunlight, heat and humidity naturally cause sterling silver to tarnish, as well as the acids in your skin. Keep your sterling silver polished with a jewelry cloth or silver cleaner. 


Oxidized copper has been intentionally darkened and cleaning it may strip some or all of the dark patina. Never use abrasive methods to clean these pieces and never apply jewelry cleaner or polishing cloths, as these will remove the patina altogether. Over time with frequent wear, the surface treatment will wear and take on a patina which some people love, as it gives a unique character to each piece. However any piece can easily and affordably be brought back to its original look by re-doing the surface treatment process. If you are interested in having this process re-done, please send us an email! 


Just like sterling silver, brass jewelry tarnishes. A jewelry polishing cloth will help prevent tarnish. If you notice your jewelry beginning to tarnish take about 2 tablespoons of baking soda and add several drops of lemon juice to make a paste.  Use an old toothbrush and apply the paste to your piece and scrub. Let it sit with the paste on it for about 30 minutes and then rinse it with water and dry thoroughly. (Water will leave stain marks so dry it well!)


Over time, copper jewelry will lose its luster and shine. A jewelry polishing cloth will help prevent oxidization and darkening. If you notice the patina changing, squeeze the juice from one lemon into a small bowl and mix with salt to make a paste. Use an old toothbrush and apply the paste to your piece and scrub.  Rinse with water, wash with a mild soap and dry thoroughly.


Rule of thumb: Gold plated jewelry should be put on last, and taken off first. After showering, wait until all products you use are completely dry before slipping on your gold-plated accessories. Some products can have a negative reaction with gold-plating and can cause changes in color or texture. Don't sleep, shower, swim, or do the dishes in your gold-plated jewelry. To clean, gently wipe off any dirt or blemishes with a slightly damp, soft piece of cotton cloth and dry with a clean towel. Stay away from jewelry cleaners or soap – they might have corrosive components that damage the gold-plating.