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How It's Made


It starts with a sheet of copper, cut to shape. A hole is drilled into the top (for the earwire), the piece is then sanded and cleaned. The copper is sifted with powder enamel and placed on a trivet. Each piece is fired with a torch until it reaches approximately 1500degrees and the powder turns to glass. The piece is flipped over and the sifting/firing process repeated. Enameling both sides prevents the copper from expanding & contracting too much due to the heat, which would cause the glass to break.


Simply put, electroforming is the process of fusing copper onto an object through a low-voltage electrical current. Each piece (stone) is thoroughly sealed and prepped. Conductive paint is applied and the piece goes into a "bath" where an electrical current pulls copper from the anode onto the conductive paint. it takes anywhere from 12-36 hours to build up a thick plating. the piece is removed from the bath, cleaned, polished, and sealed to help prevent tarnishing. Electroforming is a mixture of science, art, and a little bit of magic.